Welcome to Taps Bar & Grill,

After 24 years experience in the tourist area of Limassol, a combined 45 years experience in customer service, thousands of cocktails made, shaken, dozens created and millions of pints of beer poured...We opened our doors at Taps Bar & Grill in 2010.
At Taps Bar & Grill, not only do we provide a wide selection of draught beer at the bar, a variety of wines and top quality cocktails for every taste, we serve a wide range of delicious meals from the best breakfast in town through to late dinner. We deliver only the freshest, homemade dishes.

Taps Bar & Grill is thrilled to announce that we were one fot eh first locations worldwide and the first in Cyprus to incorporate the unique POUR YOUR OWN BEER technology that empowers patrons to pour their own beer. Thats right, no server of bartender needed!

With a large outdoor and indoor seating area you can eat, drink and watch your favourite team on the big screens, listen to quality music, enjoy our karaoke nights, or simply chill out and relax.


This state-of-the-art technology is activated once you arrive at your table and then you are allowed to pour your own beer.

Two taps are found at each of these stations. The system calculates the amount dispensed through the use of flow meters in line with the beer and displays the number of pints for each brand dispensed to the tenth of a pint on the LCD screens right at the table. You can watch the meter tick in real-time as you pour. Then when you are ready to leave the system automatically calculates the total number of pints that have been poured so that a bill can be generated.

These "beer tables" can be easily reserved by guests and dinner service is still offered as well. With this technology, you can now be your own bartender!

There are two party tap booths and three high top tables within the restaurant for you to enjoy ice cold fresh beer thoughout the year, even in the summer!

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